Tips for quick and easy cleaning Part 2

Cleaning products

Keep detergents and cleaning products near the room you are about to clean. This will save you time from hanging around in order to find them. In every premise ensure that there is a small spot available as a small drawer to leave the detergent you use and a towel. It it is a good idea to buy a large plastic box for keeping your detergents. In this case you would not need to get in and out of the room every time you need a different product.
Trust mini – cleaning technology

When in the bathroom after using the sink wipe it with paper towels as well with the mirror which always remains soap spray or splash of toothpaste.

There’s no need to use detergents for cleaning the window, all you need is to dry it every time it gets wet.

Apply the same method for all the other premises. After dinner for example wash all the dishes and cutlery. Wipe and dry the table and it will be ready for a use again. Everywhere use the mini – cleaning technology and you will feel like living in a more comfortable and tidy home.

Take quick actions for better results

Make your bed right after you wake up. This is a perfect way to start your day. A quick shower will make you feel comfortable and fresh. Probably it sounds silly but don’t drop the idea before even trying it.

Do the same in the kitchen by taking quick actions. As we have already mentioned after meal always tidy up the table and clean dishes and cutlery. If you see a full sink with dirty dishes, food left overs then definitely it is less possible to start the day with a smile.

Own less is much better

This is probably one of the main issues you should really pay attention to.

It is much easier to clean a room with less furniture than cleaning it and have literally no space to move around. It is really unpleasant to polish wood furniture and need at the same time to remove all souvenirs and minutiae to clean underneath. Much better will look a room with larger decoration applied at the correct place than a room filled with small items. If all these really mean something then simply don’t attach them at the same place.
After all it seems that it is not that difficult to tidy up our property. The only detail is the effective organizing skills that everyone have when cares about their property.

Tips for quick and easy cleaning Part 1

Everyone wants to have a clean and tidy property, but no one really wants to spend hours in cleaning.

We have our own personal cleaning method but not everyone enjoy this process. Here are some ideas which may really change your vision for cleaning and in fact make you feel happy. Even if there’s no way for you to feel happy when cleaning then our tips at least will make it easier.
Plan the cleaning

Yes we know the way is sounds – cleaning is already enough and thinking about it in advance and create a schedule already seems as too much.

Well you should accept the facts – planning is necessary as it will speed up the cleaning process.

If you leave the bathroom till that certain moment when everything is filled with objects or its already more than obvious that cleaning is needed then certainly you will have more additional work than needed.

If you plan a schedule it is much more possible to follow it and apply short but effective cleaning sessions on regular bases. This will make you feel less upset, exhausted and your property will be a nice and peaceful spot for relax.

You should understand that cleaning the whole property at once is extremely large job and the result will be not visible in two days after. At the end you will need to spend the rest of the week in finishing the cleaning or simply you will need to start again from the very beginning.

There’s no need for a permanent headache, just split the cleaning in relation to the premises. On Monday clean the bedroom, on Wednesday focus on the the bathroom, on Saturday concentrate the work in the living room.

It is up to your personal choice to plan your best schedule plan!
Of course cleaning the bedroom on Monday doesn’t mean that you should make your bed only on the day. Follow your small tasks everywhere in the property as you do everyday and apply more work and effort for the premises on the exact day.

Practical Feng Shui advises for cleaning a property

 Master the chaos

 Positive energy needs space and harmony to circulate in a proper way. This is why if you would like to welcome it to your house you should get rid of the mess around. If you keep the unneeded items and clothes, you can give then for charity purposes. Clean well all the cupboards form the inside and outside. This is really important as your property will turn into a friendly and warm place.

 Take care of the interior

Release the energy way when re arranging slightly the furniture. Make sure that nothing blocks the enter door of the property. It is very important to remove dust as it blocks positive energy. Apply some plants to clean and re fresh air and remember one off them should be a bamboo – a magnet for wealth and prosperity.

Don’t forget windows

No matter the season your windows should shine. Only if you have your windows cleaned the day light will reach every corner and welcome the positive energy in the premises. According to Feng Shui clean windows have also an other advantage: they will clear your mind, especially if you face a serious dilemma.

Arrange a comfortable entrance way

Apply a new door mat to welcome the positive energy to your property. Keep dirty and mud shoes outside the property when you don’t have to clean then immediately. And don’t forget a small elephant for luck and money. Of course you should apply it with the back part to the door of course.

Take care of the kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the property which means that positive Chi energy is mandatory. If your oven is next to the wall hang a mirror over it – it symbolizes abundance and wealth. Keep fridge and cupboards completely clean and tidy, polish cutlery and throw out old and broken vessels.

Take care for you sleep

When the bedroom is filled with different items and inappropriate arranged decor this definitely affects our sleep. The reason is that positive Chi energy mixes with the static and this makes it loose its power. Arranging your furniture according to Feng Shui is the first step. Keep your drawers and wardrobe standing, floor and smooth surfaces – shiny.

Feng Shui for a Cleaner Property

Principles of Feng Shui can be used for every issue which affects our daily life: love, career and even cleaning a property.


If cleaning is not one of your favourite duties, Feng Shui will help you to diversify the routine and turn your house work into a real philosophy.


So take your time and try some Feng Shui ideas for a cleaner property.


The main concept in Feng Shui ideas for a cleaner property is reaching a balance though emphasizing certain elements in one room. Items in our property really tell a lot about us, our personality and at what stage of out life we are and the reasons which stop us moving forward.


Through the principles of the Eastern philosophy we can arrange and re arrange furniture and objects which will provoke the flow of a positive energy everywhere around you at the end inside you. First understand the link between the clean property and wealth and then use Feng Shui methods and techniques to reach this wealth.


According to Feng Shui cleaner property increases the metal energy in our life. Metal is the element of boundaries and ingenuity. Better cleaned property means a higher concentration and easy going relation with out relatives. Cleaning expels stagnant energy and releases space for the wealth, love and welfare.


Clean property brings comfort, beauty and piece. It releases us from emotional issues and makes us more resistant to stress and helps us to find solutions in difficult situations. It makes us more creative.


You should take care about every spot in your property, deal with the mess in every corner, because even invisible issues impact on the overall energy in your home.


Even if you are sceptical to Feng Shui philosophy just give it a try and apply it when next cleaning your property.










10 things you should never do when cleaning your property Part 2

Difficulty in finding the exact place to store items

All of us had at least once the situation with a messy dining table. It is a fact that when we use a certain furniture daily it becomes an object for items which should not be there. We just leave them for a moment and at the end forget to remove them. To fight the chaos you need a plan. Apply on your desk or table a few stands for different items. You can even mark them using sticky notes.

 Leave things at different places just temporary

When you leave a certain item somewhere you just postpone the general decision what to do with the item. Next time when you decide to proceed this way, just take a second thought and finalise your decision.

 Keep things which seem to be useful

Do you keep items only because you don’t want to throw them away? Many people do this and there are even some extraordinary cases as a man who was keeping his cats toilet in the garage three years after the cat passed away. Get rid of that unworn skirt and unused kitchen appliances.

 Allow your family to make a mess

Just imagine the situation: you have just accomplished cleaning the closet mission and enjoy the result. In a few hours everything is back to normal and the closet looks as it has never been really cleaned. Make your family involved in the cleaning process and ask them to respect your effort.

Leave housework for the weekend

Never leave all of the housework for the weekend. You can do many things daily, which will improve the house work for the weekend. Just follow a few simple rules: hang clothes immediately after you undress them. Turn the washing machine a few times during the week and don’t leave it for the weekend. If you don’t have enough time ask the members of your family to involve into the house work as this will make them appreciate your future effort!


10 things you should never do when cleaning your property Part 1

Have you ever thought that no matter all of your effort and time you spend in cleaning your property the chaos is still everywhere. This article will explain what not to do to make your property more comfortable.

 Act without much thinking

Probably you were in a situation when you need to tidy up your closet. You just start cleaning and you don’t think about the most rational way to tidy up your things. Just take a few minutes and find out why your closet looks this way. Probably you have some habits you don’t really know about. The most important rule in fighting the mess is to tidy up the most frequently used items and put them to easy and reachable places.

 Useless stuff

If you apply a regular cleaning of your property then with the time you will be able to get rid of the useless items. However sometimes we don’t have enough time to deal with cleaning and tidy up. This is why it is important to know how to prevent the chaos. A new pair of shoes will improve your mood but is there a space to keep them! Stop collecting free magazines and brochures. You never really read them and buy the offered items. Be careful with everything you bring in the property.

Quick purchases

Since hypermarkets exist more and more people buy things they really don’t need. Often these nice items find their permanent place in the closet and the only result it the complete mess. The decision: never go for shopping without a list for the exact items you should buy and try to reduce to a minimum quick purchases. Discount is not an equivalent to a need.

 You never use items according to their purpose

Products made for organizing space can make your daily life much easier, however a nice shoe cabinet would never be appreciated if you store toys or something else but not the shoes. When you buy an item always use it according to its purpose.

No idea how to deal with the unneeded items

Many of us have faced the situation: the closet is already cleaned and all the unneeded items are already out when you face the dilemma how to proceed with the huge pile of things which stays in front of you. Now is the moment to decide whether you would like to use it for charity or would prefer to make a gift to relatives and friends. It is even possible to profit the situation, internet is full with different options to sell used items for good money.

An Effective Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning a property is a part of our daily life, because it affects our comfort, positive mood and even health.

A clean property means less bacteria and danger for us and the one we love. However cleaning sometimes is considered as a boring task. It would be great if our property had the availability to clean all the premises while we’re at work. Well this idea sounds already too optimistic, however there’s always a way to make things better.

Effective cleaning insists time. Daily life is busy and there’s no often availability to take time as much as we needed for our personal tasks. Plan a schedule. This is the first step to improve the cleaning process and make everyone happy. Involve all members in the property. Cleaning is not a task which belongs only to the female gender. It is an issue which affects everyone’s life.

As a beginning apply a calender with the tasks at some obvious place. This will help you to avoid situations when someone apologies that was not informed about the tasks and your schedule.

Make a list which includes different tasks to be covered. The should be an everyday task, because this will help you to save time and effort.

Once you know what should be covered it is time to inform your family about their future responsibility. If you have children at least ask them to make their beds.

During the week everyone is busy so better leave the vacuum cleaning and laundry for the weekend. Week days are perfect to cover small but useful tasks.

The additional effort should be rewarded. If you do have children responsible for throwing the rubbish take them to the cinema at the end of the week or just buy them a small gift. This will motivates them and with the time everyone will get used to with your tidy up schedule.

Clean your property and get rid of the negative energy

Clean your property and get rid of the negative energy

People always try to achieve a harmony. It is important to reach a harmony in your own house and environment. Some researches claim that depressions, stress and unhappy mood can be caused from the incorrect location of the energies in your property.

If you feel unlucky you can just follow the depressive mood, but you can also change things starting from your own property.

Many people may afford home renovations, especially when occupying a small property. Sometimes when we face the problem, we loose the effort for changes.

One of the sufficient factors for concentrating a positive energy in the property is to keep it clean and tidy. This certainly will welcome the positive energy.

As a start cover a serious property clean. Take care of every single spot and corner. Review the cabinets and drawers. These are the hidden spaces filled with unneeded items, we often don’t use at all. This is why between them all there’s plenty of negative energy which easy reaches the whole house.

Throw away everything broken and finally get rid of the unneeded and broken appliances.

Review your closet and sort out the clothes you never wore in the last one year. It is good to start the cleaning during the weekend when you have energy and feel ready.

Once you’ve got rid of the unneeded clean your property from the negative energy.

Light a candle in every room. After that take a long shower, because while cleaning all the unwanted energy has covered you.

Now you can relax and enjoy as your home has became safety and comfortable.

Modern Interior Design

Today the interior in most of the properties is completely different from the style about twenty years ago. Around that period most of the households were furnished in a similar way due to the tight availability to make a furniture choice.


Nowadays the modern interior design is a subject reviewed with a high importance for millions of households facing the advantage to furnish a property. The freedom, different shapes and innovations allow everyone to crate an individual piece of art when arranging the design at his own property.


However it is still interesting to review how far the modern design has accomplished in our properties.

It seems that larger per cent of people prefer modern trends but have some reservations when it comes to avangard. The last one is reviewed as interesting and nice for outside life, however people are still afraid to let the brand new styles into their private space.

On of the most preferred trends is searching for a furniture able to fit the premise and transform into a different furniture created for saving space.

Some people mix different styles and this might be considered more as a tendency.

Researches show that young people between 25 and 40 years old are not afraid to follow the innovations in the interior design.

Money are not the most important factor for choosing the modern design but the style and the improvisation.

Textiles and wallpapers are the main items for quick “update” of the interior.

Modern colours are white, black, purple, green grass.

9 ways to bring comfort to your property

Many of the new properties might be described with large areas. The new idea in the architecture is to create more comfortable premises and open more space. Even tough with the time our experience shows that sometimes large areas become hard to manage.


Here are few ideas you can use, if you have a huge property you aim to make comfortable.

  1. Split the large spaces into a few smaller areas combining the furniture in different groups. Make a spot for talks in front of the fire place using a sofa and two footstools. In the other corner of the room apply a TV and a long l shaped coach. The third spot may be next to the windows – comfortable armchairs are perfect for reading a book.


  1. Together with arranging the furniture position use a floor coverage to divide the room into separate zones. Use small rugs on wooden floors. This is a nice way to divide the dining area from the living area when you have an open planned room.


  1. Take care of the ceiling. High ceilings create more optical space. If you don’t have them available in the property then use combined, complex and complex moldings.


  1. Darker colours make the premises look smaller. Use bright and warm tones due to your preference. You can even paint the ceiling in just one colour. If you prefer wall paper then choose large shapes and solid colours.


  1. Furnish the room with bulky furniture including a high library or upholstered sofas and chairs covered with velvet, embroidery and other heavy fabrics. Use dark wood and avoid glass surfaces for the tables as they create an illusion of space.


  1. If you have book shelves, make sure that the back parts are next to each other and use them as a separate wall. Attach them as stable as possible.


  1. Use one or two armchairs next to the window, as they will make comfortable spots in the large room.


  1. Fill the premise with accessories and plants. Use small threes in pots to match the height of the ceiling.


9. Divide the room in two using colons or arcs to create a so called ‘ passage’ , between the two spaces. A fake door which is broadly open will divide the room to parts keeping at the same time the feeling of spaciousness.