10 things you should never do when cleaning your property Part 2

Difficulty in finding the exact place to store items

All of us had at least once the situation with a messy dining table. It is a fact that when we use a certain furniture daily it becomes an object for items which should not be there. We just leave them for a moment and at the end forget to remove them. To fight the chaos you need a plan. Apply on your desk or table a few stands for different items. You can even mark them using sticky notes.

 Leave things at different places just temporary

When you leave a certain item somewhere you just postpone the general decision what to do with the item. Next time when you decide to proceed this way, just take a second thought and finalise your decision.

 Keep things which seem to be useful

Do you keep items only because you don’t want to throw them away? Many people do this and there are even some extraordinary cases as a man who was keeping his cats toilet in the garage three years after the cat passed away. Get rid of that unworn skirt and unused kitchen appliances.

 Allow your family to make a mess

Just imagine the situation: you have just accomplished cleaning the closet mission and enjoy the result. In a few hours everything is back to normal and the closet looks as it has never been really cleaned. Make your family involved in the cleaning process and ask them to respect your effort.

Leave housework for the weekend

Never leave all of the housework for the weekend. You can do many things daily, which will improve the house work for the weekend. Just follow a few simple rules: hang clothes immediately after you undress them. Turn the washing machine a few times during the week and don’t leave it for the weekend. If you don’t have enough time ask the members of your family to involve into the house work as this will make them appreciate your future effort!