Tips for quick and easy cleaning Part 2

Cleaning products

Keep detergents and cleaning products near the room you are about to clean. This will save you time from hanging around in order to find them. In every premise ensure that there is a small spot available as a small drawer to leave the detergent you use and a towel. It it is a good idea to buy a large plastic box for keeping your detergents. In this case you would not need to get in and out of the room every time you need a different product.
Trust mini – cleaning technology

When in the bathroom after using the sink wipe it with paper towels as well with the mirror which always remains soap spray or splash of toothpaste.

There’s no need to use detergents for cleaning the window, all you need is to dry it every time it gets wet.

Apply the same method for all the other premises. After dinner for example wash all the dishes and cutlery. Wipe and dry the table and it will be ready for a use again. Everywhere use the mini – cleaning technology and you will feel like living in a more comfortable and tidy home.

Take quick actions for better results

Make your bed right after you wake up. This is a perfect way to start your day. A quick shower will make you feel comfortable and fresh. Probably it sounds silly but don’t drop the idea before even trying it.

Do the same in the kitchen by taking quick actions. As we have already mentioned after meal always tidy up the table and clean dishes and cutlery. If you see a full sink with dirty dishes, food left overs then definitely it is less possible to start the day with a smile.

Own less is much better

This is probably one of the main issues you should really pay attention to.

It is much easier to clean a room with less furniture than cleaning it and have literally no space to move around. It is really unpleasant to polish wood furniture and need at the same time to remove all souvenirs and minutiae to clean underneath. Much better will look a room with larger decoration applied at the correct place than a room filled with small items. If all these really mean something then simply don’t attach them at the same place.
After all it seems that it is not that difficult to tidy up our property. The only detail is the effective organizing skills that everyone have when cares about their property.