9 ways to bring comfort to your property

Many of the new properties might be described with large areas. The new idea in the architecture is to create more comfortable premises and open more space. Even tough with the time our experience shows that sometimes large areas become hard to manage.


Here are few ideas you can use, if you have a huge property you aim to make comfortable.

  1. Split the large spaces into a few smaller areas combining the furniture in different groups. Make a spot for talks in front of the fire place using a sofa and two footstools. In the other corner of the room apply a TV and a long l shaped coach. The third spot may be next to the windows – comfortable armchairs are perfect for reading a book.


  1. Together with arranging the furniture position use a floor coverage to divide the room into separate zones. Use small rugs on wooden floors. This is a nice way to divide the dining area from the living area when you have an open planned room.


  1. Take care of the ceiling. High ceilings create more optical space. If you don’t have them available in the property then use combined, complex and complex moldings.


  1. Darker colours make the premises look smaller. Use bright and warm tones due to your preference. You can even paint the ceiling in just one colour. If you prefer wall paper then choose large shapes and solid colours.


  1. Furnish the room with bulky furniture including a high library or upholstered sofas and chairs covered with velvet, embroidery and other heavy fabrics. Use dark wood and avoid glass surfaces for the tables as they create an illusion of space.


  1. If you have book shelves, make sure that the back parts are next to each other and use them as a separate wall. Attach them as stable as possible.


  1. Use one or two armchairs next to the window, as they will make comfortable spots in the large room.


  1. Fill the premise with accessories and plants. Use small threes in pots to match the height of the ceiling.


9. Divide the room in two using colons or arcs to create a so called ‘ passage’ , between the two spaces. A fake door which is broadly open will divide the room to parts keeping at the same time the feeling of spaciousness.