Modern Interior Design

Today the interior in most of the properties is completely different from the style about twenty years ago. Around that period most of the households were furnished in a similar way due to the tight availability to make a furniture choice.


Nowadays the modern interior design is a subject reviewed with a high importance for millions of households facing the advantage to furnish a property. The freedom, different shapes and innovations allow everyone to crate an individual piece of art when arranging the design at his own property.


However it is still interesting to review how far the modern design has accomplished in our properties.

It seems that larger per cent of people prefer modern trends but have some reservations when it comes to avangard. The last one is reviewed as interesting and nice for outside life, however people are still afraid to let the brand new styles into their private space.

On of the most preferred trends is searching for a furniture able to fit the premise and transform into a different furniture created for saving space.

Some people mix different styles and this might be considered more as a tendency.

Researches show that young people between 25 and 40 years old are not afraid to follow the innovations in the interior design.

Money are not the most important factor for choosing the modern design but the style and the improvisation.

Textiles and wallpapers are the main items for quick “update” of the interior.

Modern colours are white, black, purple, green grass.