An Effective Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning a property is a part of our daily life, because it affects our comfort, positive mood and even health.

A clean property means less bacteria and danger for us and the one we love. However cleaning sometimes is considered as a boring task. It would be great if our property had the availability to clean all the premises while we’re at work. Well this idea sounds already too optimistic, however there’s always a way to make things better.

Effective cleaning insists time. Daily life is busy and there’s no often availability to take time as much as we needed for our personal tasks. Plan a schedule. This is the first step to improve the cleaning process and make everyone happy. Involve all members in the property. Cleaning is not a task which belongs only to the female gender. It is an issue which affects everyone’s life.

As a beginning apply a calender with the tasks at some obvious place. This will help you to avoid situations when someone apologies that was not informed about the tasks and your schedule.

Make a list which includes different tasks to be covered. The should be an everyday task, because this will help you to save time and effort.

Once you know what should be covered it is time to inform your family about their future responsibility. If you have children at least ask them to make their beds.

During the week everyone is busy so better leave the vacuum cleaning and laundry for the weekend. Week days are perfect to cover small but useful tasks.

The additional effort should be rewarded. If you do have children responsible for throwing the rubbish take them to the cinema at the end of the week or just buy them a small gift. This will motivates them and with the time everyone will get used to with your tidy up schedule.