Practical Feng Shui advises for cleaning a property

 Master the chaos

 Positive energy needs space and harmony to circulate in a proper way. This is why if you would like to welcome it to your house you should get rid of the mess around. If you keep the unneeded items and clothes, you can give then for charity purposes. Clean well all the cupboards form the inside and outside. This is really important as your property will turn into a friendly and warm place.

 Take care of the interior

Release the energy way when re arranging slightly the furniture. Make sure that nothing blocks the enter door of the property. It is very important to remove dust as it blocks positive energy. Apply some plants to clean and re fresh air and remember one off them should be a bamboo – a magnet for wealth and prosperity.

Don’t forget windows

No matter the season your windows should shine. Only if you have your windows cleaned the day light will reach every corner and welcome the positive energy in the premises. According to Feng Shui clean windows have also an other advantage: they will clear your mind, especially if you face a serious dilemma.

Arrange a comfortable entrance way

Apply a new door mat to welcome the positive energy to your property. Keep dirty and mud shoes outside the property when you don’t have to clean then immediately. And don’t forget a small elephant for luck and money. Of course you should apply it with the back part to the door of course.

Take care of the kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of the property which means that positive Chi energy is mandatory. If your oven is next to the wall hang a mirror over it – it symbolizes abundance and wealth. Keep fridge and cupboards completely clean and tidy, polish cutlery and throw out old and broken vessels.

Take care for you sleep

When the bedroom is filled with different items and inappropriate arranged decor this definitely affects our sleep. The reason is that positive Chi energy mixes with the static and this makes it loose its power. Arranging your furniture according to Feng Shui is the first step. Keep your drawers and wardrobe standing, floor and smooth surfaces – shiny.