Green Tips for Your Home

Curtains Cleaning

Even if we have nice curtains in a pretty good condition and just want to apply a slight re fresh there are some important issues which should never be applied in order not to damage the curtain condition. What is actually ruining curtains is the cleaning detergent / liquid which we are not able to remove completely after the cleaning. Curtains should be washed only with a really small amount of detergents and if they  are really dirty it is a good idea to soak them in advance. When washing curtains we should never apply softeners. To remove a laminated product if using a washing machine it is good to rinse two times before the last spin, stop the washing machine and rinse again.

Rug Cleaning

Of course if you want to have the job covered properly when it comes for a rug cleaning it is always a good idea to arrange professional services. However if you don’t have the time then there’s a simple solution and harmless way to refresh your carpets. First vacuum the carpet then sprinkle bicarbonate soda ( baking soda ) spread it with hands around the total rug area and leave it for a night. The next day just vacuum clean the rug. The result is surprisingly good, the colours are refreshed the odours are removed.

Quick Cleaning Tips


  • Your new groom will last longer if before usage you soak it in a warm soapy water.
  • White spot on a polished surface might be removed with a clean cloth dipped in alcohol and vegetable oil.
  • If you need am emergent spot removal for your mirrors and windows just mix a spoon with vinegar with a glass of water.
  • Carpet colours will improve if we apply some salt from the previous night and clean it gently with a soft wet cloth.

  • Flooring can be cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in cold water with glycerin (one tablespoon per cup of water).

  • To remove unpleasant smells from your room just clean the furniture with a wet cloth and vinegar.