Cleaning the Bathroom Part 1

Cleaning the Bathroom

8 Tips for cleaning the bathroom

Part 1

Bathroom is the premise which needs much more effort when cleaning comparing to the other premises of our property. The reason comes from the frequent usage of water, moist and the washing products. As the kitchen which should be frequently cleaned, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes on daily bases in the bathroom which will guarantee it’s clean and fresh condition. Besides all this, regular care will prevent the accumulation of harmful moulds and will provide a healthier environment for you and your family.

One minute a day

The easiest technique to keep your bathroom clean and tidy is to spend a few minutes on daily bases cleaning it. This is much less than half an hour per week. Just spend one minute every day after shower to wipe the bath and the sink. If you repeat this you will remove the dirty soapy water and prevent the lime scale deposits.

 Bathroom Curtains

 When you finish the shower or the bath do not pull aside the curtain and let it air dry. If you get one one end to the other end the water will dry between the folds of the curtain and cause accumulation of dirt and mold. Never leave towels hanging at the edge of the bath. Take them out or use a specially installed lever. If you have a shower cabin, after shower remove water with a cleaner for windows with a rubber tip at the end.

Allow Air to enter the Bathroom

As mentioned above,good ventilation is a general issue in the fight against mold. If you have a window it is enough to leave it open for a few minutes after shower, this will allow fresh air to enter the premise and reduce the excess moisture. If you don’t have a window you can use the ventilation system embedded in the wall.

Say NO to Mold

When we talk about a healthy environment in the bathroom, mold existence is always one of the major factors which migth ruin this general view and idea. Assuring an air circulation and reducing the moisture is a good start for avoiding the mold. When we have already the problem, you should use all the available methods to fight the problem.

As the gaps between the tiles are suitable for accumulation of mold you can clean them with a mixture of 10 parts of water and part of bleach or with some special detergents. To remove the leftovers use the bleach and water solution and don’t forger to use protective gloves.