Winter Cleaning Tips

Winter Cleaning Tips
When the winter comes it seems that we pay more attention to the weather conditions and all the dirt we bring sometimes unconsciously from the outside. Good thing to remember is that with the season change we also change our outfit and shoes. Nice leather boots might seem as a gorgeous idea as new item to our closet, however sometimes we do forget about the specificity of the winter shoes. They all are made to be beautiful and also to prevent us from the cold and humidity. However shoes have also deep treads and they get filled with dirt and also snow when you walk on the street. You can imagine the condition of the show when you leave your shoes in a nice and warm place as your household. This why we should create a strict schedule for cleaning tasks we should apply in our property on regular daily bases. As an idea once we come back from work it is recommended to mop the floor in the corridor and common parts of the property. This will ensure that all the nasty dirt is safely kept outside you home environment and there’s no risk to bring it straight to your living room and even bedroom. Having a regular cleaning schedule is good to become part of the schedule for the whole family, because this is the way to get everyone involved and care for the condition of our home.
If you have a fireplace then its good to know that with the warm and comfort this pleasure also brings much more dust if comparing to the usual. When you open the grate thousands of small particles enter the room and become a part of the air you breath. Of course this does not mean that you should forget the comfort and change the adorable fireplace with a fake picture reminding you of the warm evenings. You should keep in mind that the dust is everywhere and just clean it on regular bases. Before the heating season check the whole system and if you doubt then look for a consult provided by professionals to confirm the condition if the fireplace. Needless to remind you that November is month when you would need a professional chimney sweep to take care of cleaning – it is imperative that before the first fire of the season.

If you warm your property mainly using an electricity supple, take care of all the electrical appliances and make sure that there’ s no dust. End of Autumn is the perfect time to refresh your property and make some decor innovations. Reversal furniture is a good idea to open space and allow the heat to enter the total area space.
If you use simple and cute mats outside your door better buy some new for the winter period and make sure that they are waterproof. The material will absorb melting snow and rain. If you share a large house and you have non carpeted floors you can buy some mats especially designed for internal use situating them in front of each room.

It is essential always to apply a mattress cleaning as the manufactures recommend this cleaning at least twice per year. Here’s one useful tip if the mattress is considered as new not older than 3 years- just turn up the “snowflake”, if older is better to search some professional services and advice.