Expecting Guests

What to do before Uncle Marvin and Aunt Georgia come to visit? Oh, they did mention the kids coming over, as well, right?

Is your home looking like a World War II barricade? Well, there are a few tips to help you tidy up faster without missing some crucial steps in your preparation.

  1. Make sure all appliances work properly, because you will most probably need them.
  2. Fix any plumbing problems. Nothing makes a worse appearance than a dripping faucet or water leaks from bathroom walls. It is important to maintain your home plumbing well in order to keep your place in a good and healthy condition longer.
  3. Tidy up and clean thoroughly. It is good that any cleaning would be done following the house repairs,  if any, so that you do not have to do it twice.
  4. Create a highlight of the evening. Think of something that can be the light motive of the visit, like, making BBQ in the open, or having interesting dinner ideas /including Italian/ French/ Russian/ Spanish etc. meals in the menu/. It is always a good sign when people memorize the evening for something interesting, and you can choose this thing in advance, leaving a good impression.
  5. Make your guests feel comfortable. Don’t fret over having so much old furniture or having such a small apartment. Your guests are not going to pay too much attention to those unless you make a big deal out of them. There is something that they will surely notice, though, and this is a clean set of sheets over the guest bed, a spare closet for their clothes, free hangers for their coats, etc. It is always a plus if you can think of something to keep the kids’ attention, like, an interesting game, or a movie, or providing a safe place for them to play during the visit. Also, try to ensure your guests some privacy, like making sure the guest room and bathroom doors closes properly.
  6. Have fun. After all, the main point of having someone over is to catch up and have a good time. If you are having a good time, your guests will most probably feel that and have fun, as well.