Spring Cleaning

When you feel the warm in the air and feel the sun rays then probably there’s the spring coming soon. With the season change it is necessary to apply a general cleaning for our property. Here are some practical tips for a spring cleaning which will facilitate your this years tasks.

List it up

No matter if its on paper or just in your mind you should have a list with the exact tasks involved in your spring cleaning. This will help you to plan your schedule and know where to start and finish. You should list your tasks by level of importance and mark these you do consider could slow the cleaning process. And be realistic – never be too exigent about deadlines because time limit failure will discourage you.

Create a Strategy

Once we have our list of tasks now we shoud create a strategy. For example once you clean a room don’t leave it and start work in some other of the premices. When you finsih the first room you will know that there’s one task less. Do not arrange ‘ trips ‘ between the premices – when you see a subject which should be in tha bathroom left on the coffee table in the living room just look around and make sure that there’s nothing extra left there. Depending on your strategy you can start with the largest or the smallest premice.

Equipment and Tools

You can not acomplish the spring cleaning mission without the correct equipment and tools. Make sure you have detergents, clothes from different materials, sponges, bags and mops. Put them all together in one place as this will save you plenty of time. Keep them close and don’t forget the gloves. Cleaning gloves will protect your skin from the detergents, dirt and the general spring cleaning.

General Cleaning

If you have some tasks you often ignore during the standard cleaning then spring cleaning is the perferct monent to finish what you have started. This will include window wash – you can ease yourself and use a brush with a special rubber tip which will remove water and foam without leaving traces.

Clean all electrical appliances – clean the air conditioner and computer from dust and remove stains and left overs from the fridge and oven. Some housewifes clean also the dishes left in the cupboards waiting to be used by soaking in a special cleaning solution. If you find broken dishes or glasses, just throw them away. Don’t surround  your self with useless things.

It is easy to organize things and group them according to their usage and nature. Children toys put in a special cage or basket, tools in a single box or briefcase, gardening tools in a basket or box.

Wardrobe Reload

The wardrobe needs more attention. Review it carefull and make a final desicion for the uselless items. You can use the LAH system – love, adore, hate. Clothes you adore put back and the one you hate just trow away or use for charity purposes. The one you love review again and apply to the other two groups.
If some of your clothes need to be repaired just figure out a deadline. You should put the spring and summer clothes to a front  position and the winter in a place reachable for the next winter. At the end deodorize the wardrobe or apply a small soap between your clothes.

A Final Touch

 After the spring cleaning is over it comes the time to apply a final touch and welcome the spring to your home. Surround yourself with the fragrance of spring flowers and enjoy the sun rays. Pull the curtains and open the windows. Reward yourself for the well done job with a  new acquisition (vase or bowl with an unusual shape or color tablecloth). Bring spirit and diversity with minimum resources.