Upholstery Cleaning South West London

There are many cleaning agencies working in the South West London area, but we assure you that few of them can match the quality of our upholstery cleaning services. House Clean London is a popular cleaning company which annually services thousands of clients. Through the years we have gathered an experienced and qualified cleaning staff which specializes in performing different cleaning tasks. We offer a lot of services, but in this case we’ll talk about sofa cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning is probably one of the hardest and most delicate cleaning tasks. Upholstery can be made of several materials or fabrics – manufacturers use nylon, wool, suede, leather, silk, cotton and many others. You can’t clean all of these fabrics with the same cleaning detergent and method, because some of them may not respond well to a certain treatment. Our cleaners have the necessary expertise to recognize the fabric used and choose the most effective and safe cleaning method.

The two cleaning techniques we use are:

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

This method is very popular and we can clean most upholstery with it. It involves the use of hot water under pressure and powerful cleaning chemicals. The hot water easily dissolves soil, grime and stains and extracts them out of the upholstery, leaving it clean and almost dry.

Dry Cleaning Solutions

We’ll usually apply this method when the fabric may shrink under the influence of water. Our cleaners will first pre-spray the spots & stains with a cleaning solution, wait for it to absorb and vacuum the upholstery.
These simple cleaning techniques will clean your:

Car upholstery