Upholstery Cleaning North London

We are House Clean London – an experienced and reputable cleaning agency in North London which has satisfied the cleaning needs of many people. One of our most popular services is upholstery cleaning. Our upholstery cleaning team is well trained and has the necessary knowledge to clean all kinds of sofas and stains. They can determine the type of fabric used and choose the most accurate cleaning technique.

If you didn’t know, upholstery is made from different fabrics and materials – nylon, cotton, wool, suede, silk, leather, etc. Some of these fabrics are more sensitive than others and it is very important to choose the right cleaning method. Sensitive fabrics can easily be damaged if you use a too powerful cleaning chemical.

We assure you that our upholstery will be safe in the hands of our professional cleaners. They’ll treat it professionally, using the latest cleaning machines and detergents. We apply two of the most popular cleaning methods:

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Solutions

This method takes advantage of the dissolving capabilities of under pressure hot water. The machine used will penetrate deep into the upholstery and extract the soil and grime.

Dry Cleaning Method

This method is mostly used when the fabric is too sensitive for hot water extraction. This technique doesn’t involve the use of water. Our cleaners will first spray the stain with a cleaning solution, leave it to absorb and afterwards vacuum it.
These cleaning methods can clean your:

Car upholstery

Keep in mind that not all upholstery stains are removable. Some of them are just too old to erased completely We can’t be held responsible for these stains.