Domestic Cleaning East London

We are a domestic cleaning agency in East London which offers high quality services at affordable prices. We specialize in efficient and quick cleaning jobs which always satisfy the cleaning needs of the client. Our company in East London works with some of the best cleaning technicians in the entire city. We have carefully picked each one of them, checked their references and interviewed them in order to be sure that they are the right choice.

All of our cleaners have went through a series of training sessions which get them familiar with the latest cleaning techniques and standard. We guarantee that the homes of our clients are treated carefully and efficiently.

We offer several domestic cleaning services, but one of our most popular services is the regular domestic cleaning. This job is carried out by one of the most experienced cleaning teams in London, so you can be sure that the results won’t disappoint you. Domestic cleaning covers every area of your home. Our cleaners will use the most efficient cleaning techniques and chemicals. We provide them with the necessary equipment and detergents which are eco-friendly, anti-allergic and biodegradable.

Domestic cleaning includes:

Vacuuming, laundering and ironing
Wiping & polishing surfaces
Cleaning the fridge, oven, dishwasher and microwave on the inside and out
Mopping and dusting
Wiping mirrors
Cleaning doors and windows
Cleaning the garage
Disinfecting tiles
Cleaning and de-scaling taps, shower, sink

This is just a small part of the tasks our cleaners will complete. Contact our support staff for more detailed information about our services and prices.