A Few Things You need to Know About Colours

A few things you need to know about colours before you paint your property

To choose the right colour sometimes seems easy but in fact this is not an easy job. Each colour has a different meaning, it brings energy and a certain mood. Even if in the beginning you feel comfortable it is really important to reconsider your renovation painting ideas and get a really smart decision.

Red Colour

Red is a strong colour. Usually it is associated with passion and romantic feelings. However painting the whole room in a red colour might bring too much energy so it’s better to think about a few accents on the wall.

Blue Colour

Blue is a relaxing colour. This is the colour of the sky and water. There are few nuances of blue which express different things. Pastel nuance brings relax and the dark blue is more related to stronger feelings and aggression.

Brown Colour

Brown is a friendly colour. It is also easy to combine it with other colours. It looks also elegant and fits well into living rooms. However it is better to combine it with some other brighter colours as this will help you to avoid depression and oppressive atmosphere.

Green Colour

Green is a very fresh colour. It is accosted with the grass and nature. Green fits really well in premixes with large and also French type windows. It will look even better if you have a nature view outside.

Black Colour

Black colour seems as too radical decision for a property design. Most people would  avoid it because they relate it with negative feelings and energy. However black colour might be a really good decision especially if you add it as an accent to the furniture. Apply it on one of the walls and add a contrast decoration.

Yellow Colour

Yellow is a cheery colour. This is the colour of the sun suitable for holiday villas and homes for relax. It is preferable in the summer months. Warm yellow is perfect  for walls as this will make premises causy, warm and comfortable.

Purple Colour

Purple colour looks perfect in a combination with grey. It is cold and bold colour. You will reach a perfect accent in the living room,  it is also an interesting combination with green.